This year, I got the chance to spend a whole month in beautiful Seoul/ Southkorea.
Due to the pandemic, the streets where mostly pretty empty which made it eerie at times but also made visiting this beautiful city a one in a kind experience.
I mostly walked the streets and took some videos and many many photos of different areas around the gigantic city.
I am really thankful for being able to visit this amazing place and for meeting so many awesome people there.

I really hope to be able to come back soon, until then I hope everybody stays safe and healthy!
This little edit gives some impressions about the different parts of the city I visited. The song "Quite Life" by Dontcry, Glimlip and Sleepermane sums up the vibe perfectly!
Music: "Quiet Life" by Dontcry x Glimlip x Sleepermane
All still shots are taken on 35mm film. 
(Kodak Vision 3, 200t, 500t, 250d. Film, development and scanning by Silbersalz35:

Cameras used: Canon Eos 30, Olympus XA, Minolta Riva Panorama
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