HISTIBE & SUBSETS- I Will (ft. Lika Bugaeva)

Music Video for Histibe & Subsets

Music Video for Histibe (and Subsets featuring Lika Bugaeva)
A little sequel to the video for Histibe`s "Third Millennium" (vimeo.com/93127639).
This video again follows the idea of a dark post-apocalyptic vibe and the absence of people.
showing a world without humans. Possibly after a huge disaster like for example if the Cold War had ended in a fatal way.
The only remains are the city structures and abandoned buildings.
I also wanted to play with locations – trying to suggest that the video might as well play somewhere in the (former) Soviet Union. Luckily, around Berlin there are a few abandoned spots that also used to be in Soviet occupation.
But with all the dark and dramatic ideas – in the end it`s a very positive creative collaboration between two people from Berlin and Kyiv.
Web → histibe.com
Facebook → facebook.com/Histibe
SoundCloud → soundcloud.com/histibe
Facebook → facebook.com/SubsetsMusic/
SoundCloud → soundcloud.com/subsets
Lika Bugaeva:
Web → zetetics.band
Facebook → facebook.com/zeteticsmusic
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